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Spam and undeliverables

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Spam and undeliverables

I know that you can setup GM so that all bounced meassages are stored at 'Undeliverables' and you can see them before deletion.

I am now unable to figure out how that is done. I went to admin/setup/spam filters and admin/setup/undeliverables and I can't seem to find where to specify that. I have checked all boxes under insert in 'undeliverables'

My system is acting weird in this regard. only 5% of bounced messages are showing up under undeliverables.

Also maybe I do not understand well how this works. You have spam filters at system level in admin/setup/spam filters and another on user level (Options/spam filters). My understanding is that spam filters at system level are automatically applied to all users and all bounced messages will show up in undeliverables. And so there is no point of having same spam filter on user level. How would the end user know about system level filters so that they do not add same filters to their account causing unnecessary redundancy and use of system resources?

Can someone please shed some light on this?


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Re: [frankLo] Spam and undeliverables In reply to

You've found the right place. It should be setup->undeliverables, and make sure all are set to insert, if you want the message saved and then optionally bounced. It's not recommended to leave this on, as if left unattended you can quickly accumulate a lot of these.

If you are having problems with a bounce that isn't showing up, send an email to support-gmail@gossamer-threads.com with details.

As for spam filters, you have it right. The users are not meant to know about the admin filters. It can be used by the admin to remove system wide spammers, inappropriate content, global allow lists, etc. Things the user should not be able to override.


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