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I have a client running Gossamer Mail with a pretty strong user base. He's a bit concerned that someone may use their free email access to send spam, particularly of the adult nature. He tends to admin this system himself, so I'll admit to not posessing a strong knowledge of the details of the programs features...

Is this something we should be concerned about? Are there features/options we can modify to help control this?


Bryan Strawser
Gondolin Technologies - http://www.gondolin.org
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Re: [bstrawse] Spam? In reply to
unless he wants to screen every single message sent from his system, i think he'll have to just trust them.

the best thing to do in my opioion is make sure they agree to his terms and conditions before signing up, which gives him the right to remove and ban them from the service and proceed with legal action if he feels that badly about it.