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Some problems

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Some problems
First of all I would like to thank Scott for solving all my problems during the installations.

Presently I'm not using cookies on the simple template due to some problems. The problem I'm facing is:
1)I don't seems to be able to use the "add address" properly ( only happened on some computers).
2)Some of my user can't delete the messages ( only happened on some computers)
3) Sometimes I received messages in attachments and some of the attachments is blank.
4)I can't use the signature on the simple template.
5) I can't use the "Read Next" & "Previous" as it will return "Error: Invalid/Expired sessions"

I was wondering whether anyone face the same problem as this??

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Re: Some problems In reply to

If you haven't already, please contact support about these issues:


as it probably involves logging on to your system to see what is wrong.



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