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Signature bug

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Signature bug
I write an email, "test". I append a signature called "signature". Then in the email you get "testsignature". This is so irritating. Can we please have a couple of carriage returns built in for the next update? You can't expect users to do it. Even this forum software puts the spaces in.

Also the footer that's appended to each email. I try to set it up with a blank line like so:

Message here..


But the blank line is ignored and everything is scrunched up. The only way round it is to edit the footer file directly, but that misses the whole point of being able to make changes from the Web.



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Re: Signature bug In reply to

This is a browser problem, IE strips off leading carriage returns when submitting textareas. A work around is to do a "space" and then a return to get a leading blank line.

We'll default it to add two blank lines between message and signature. If you want to change it yourself now, you can edit GMail/Compose.pm around line 435 and change:

$send{msg} .= $sig->{sigs_signature};


$send{msg} .= "\n\n" . $sig->{sigs_signature};



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