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Short URL for wap?

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Short URL for wap?
The demo has this: http://freemail.gossamer-threads.com/?t=wap

How would I get the short URL (/?t=wap) on my site?

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Re: [wickedmoon] Short URL for wap? In reply to

Have a subdomain


Just place index.wml there which is the login screen. To really get the source of index.wml, access the long url with deckit emulator and then copy the source that you see into a file index.wml, upload that to http://wap.mysite.com

That's the way i did it. the other way around is to use a redirect script ( i think i had posted that script somewhere oin this forum by name of direct.pl or something) and then use DirectoryIndex in .htaccess file. But this could mean getting knocked off from Google (my experience)....before i switched to Subdomain option.

Here is the script:

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anup123: Apr 24, 2004, 11:35 AM
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Re: [wickedmoon] Short URL for wap? In reply to
This is possible because the index file is set to login.cgi, so essentially it is going to http://freemail.gossamer-threads.com/login.cgi?t=wap