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Serious Admin Bugs In GM

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Serious Admin Bugs In GM
Hi GT Staff,

if accounts are activated by admin and the accounts are deleted by admin using the Validate option.

The accounts are deleted from the database fine.

But the data on disks (in data/user) exists for the same username.

Is it that a bug is there in the Admin-Validate (Delete) option also just like Purge Messages. When a list of users are Validated from Admin with "Delete" selected, the delete of record from database is fine but the record exists on the disk. (Just like Purge Messages)

When the user is deleted individually from admin then everything is fine (just as individual mailboxes are emptied by Admin)

So in such a case take a user xxxxfor domain (XXXX@domain) has signed up and deleted by Admin using the Validate (delete selected from drop down menu for the user). The user xxxx gets deleted from the database. What would happen if some other person signs up with username xxxx for the same domain wrt the data on disk as the disk already has a data in /data/user/domain/x/xxxx. Would it mean that the same is overwritten or then there would be some other error down the line. It is now giving me nightmares definitely as I do not know how to synchronize the disk and database wrt the users.

I have been doing all this check only after i noticed that the Purge Messages has been leading to all inconsistencies.

Also the consistency.pl does not report any inconsistencies wrt users on disk and in database. This i think should be a logical extension now that these problems are reported.

So as of now there is this additional "Bug" in the Admin Functions.....Of GM

Needs prioritized attention from GT Staff for sure....

Down the line I would be testing all the features (Except Purge Users) and reporting all the bugs for sure.


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