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Search and database Problems

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Search and database Problems

Viewing (only, and not working with it) with MySQLman, I see that there is a user very very properly is there with all the entries. Search the same user with user@domain or with the userID, the searches does not give any result.

I can login as the same user.

After entering the login, it appears on the top of the browser, dgraph_first_name!

Checking in the dgraph table, the user does not exists. The user exists in the users table.

This is funny.

I only accidently discovered.

Further, count of email_users and email_dgraph is not equal and is less sixteen in numbers. I ofcourse did run recently consistency.pl and it did erase a thousand messages.

Also, in the admin, list all does not shown the results in an ascending order.

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Hello Alex!

Did you see this problem?

It is still there.
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Re: Search and database Problems In reply to

From what I can understand, you are saying that a user does not have an entry in the dgraph table? That would cause problems, but without steps to reproduce this (as it has not happened here or on other installations we have worked on) I can't offer much help.

As for list all, no it shows the results in the order they were inserted into the database by default (i.e. no order). You can go to Search, then select a sort order if you like.



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Re: Search and database Problems In reply to
Hello Alex!

As for List all, it does not show by the order they are inserted.

For e.g.

The Purge User function has deleted users in the the dgraph table. So there were six hundres and xx users that are deleted.

Now if I click on list all, then user 1 is list first, namely Admin.

Then the last user lets say 2001 that got inserted in the last min. will show up. Then 2000, 1999, untill six hundred block is filled out.

Then 1351, 1350, 1349....

This is how it appears by me.

If I deleted a user somewhere in the middle, for e.g. 755 untill 760, then it will get filled in at the time the user ID is lets say 2002 there!!!

So it goes to fill in where it found a block deleted and ist not sorted out.

If I click on list all, I want to see who are the last ones and if they entered the login-info to the policy. But this is not the case. It is showing at in a chaotic manner.

Thats the problem.

About the other problem, I will get back to youi when I have installed a new copy, or when it comes out. I think you have made a lot of changes and better is to get to it when the new one is there.