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Reinstalling and Importing messages from Gossamer to Gossamer

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Reinstalling and Importing messages from Gossamer to Gossamer

My current install uses subdomains, but because of the control panel installed on my site, the subdomains are setup in a weird way.

For instance, to setup a subdomain such as freemail.domain.com, one has to actually create a folder called freemail.domain.com so as to have domain.com/freemail.domain.com. THis then resolves to freemail.domain.com.

Unfortunately, this setup prevents me from offering a secured message environments to my users. In other words, https://freemail.domain.com (with "https" is impossible to get and leads to a page not found.

Because of this, I have to reinstall my Gossamer under a setup that will not use a subdomain, but rather a straight forward install that will work as http://www.domain.com/freemail/...

However, I have a few questions:

1) Can I safely reinstall Gossamer under the same domain without killing anything?

2) Will I be able to import users and their messages from the current install to the new one without trouble? If Yes, how do I do this?

3) I did a lot of customization of appearance in both French and English. Will I be able to import all these templates? How do I do this?

4) Any other thing I need to pay attention to?


I assume that what I need to do here could also be done in a simpler way by simply changind URLs and paths in the current Gossamer install to reflect the new changes. If this is possible, what files should I look at for changing crucial URLs and Paths?

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Re: [Mama] Reinstalling and Importing messages from Gossamer to Gossamer In reply to
You don't need to reinstall. Just move the files to their new location, and update the path's and url's. Note that some of the files (mostly .cgi) have the path to the admin near the top of the file like:
use lib '/path/to/admin'
You will have to update these paths as well so that these files can find the path to the admin.