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[previous] [next] button to .gif

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[previous] [next] button to .gif

I want to make the [previous]/[next] to be like .gif just like TRASH, REPLY, etc. etc. i tried to changed the link like this src="<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/Prev.gif but the whole url appears, what is the right syntax pls. help.


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Re: [previous] [next] button to .gif In reply to
I'm assuming you're trying to change the [previous] and [next] links when you're viewing a message (ie. in msgs_body.htm). You'd change it from:
<%if msgs_prev%><a href="<%msgs_prev%>">[previous]</a><%else%>&nbsp;<%endif%>
<%if msgs_prev%><a href="<%msgs_prev%>"><img src="<%url_images%>/templates/<%t%>/Prev.gif" alt="Previous Message"></a><%else%>&nbsp;<%endif%>

and the similar for next...