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Re: [brewt] gmail 2.2.1 various issues

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thanks Adrian for your complete and helpful response. one follow-up below

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first: regarding the popserver plugin. the plugin seems to work ok, except that when a user logs in using pop to check their mail, it downloads ALL mail from ALL folders in their account--read, unread, sent--not just unread mail. (even stuff in the trash if the account is not set to delete trash on logout). is this the default behavior? if so, is it possible to modify the plugin to only download unread mail (and not trash, even if unread)?
Yes, that looks like incorrect behaviour. The correct behaviour should be to just list all emails in their inbox (read or unread - it's the mail client's responsibility to distinguish between emails which have been downloaded and which haven't). I'm currently working on the Gossamer Mail 2.2.2 release, so once I'm done with that (in a few days), I'll work on getting this behaviour fixed.

that would be much appreciated. one issue I can see regarding only listing email in the user's "inbox" is if the user has filters setup on their webmail account. in this case, they may have new mail on the server that has been filtered into other mailboxes--in fact they may have new mail and all of it ends up in folders other than the inbox. also, let me clarify what I meant regarding "unread" vs. "read" mail. by this I mean mail that the user has already viewed using their webmail interface--thus marking the mail as "read." this is opposed to the email client determining whether a particular email has been previously downloaded (I think this may be what you were talking about). perhaps in your revision there could be an added option in the webmail interface for the user to decide whether when checking mail with a remote client the popserver will download all their mail from their various folders, or only download "unread" mail (and never mail from the trash or sent folders in either case).
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