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Product Comparison

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Product Comparison
Alex, I currently own Alias Mail from Solution Scripts, but am considering switching over to Gossamer Mail. I know your script has template support, but could you also give us some detailed descriptions of other feature differences/enhancements?

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I haven't used Alias-Mail before, but from a quick look at the site, I'd say some of the more important differences are:

1. Gossamer Mail is SQL based - this is important for large sites, as well as for integrating into another application.

2. Gossamer Mail does not depend on cookies - users without cookies can still use the program (wap users, lynx users, security paranoid users, etc).

3. Gossamer Mail works on NT and supports SMTP, Sendmai or Qmail as a mailer.

4. Gossamer Mail supports authentication via a remote source -- you can generate or maintain your user list from another application like a forum, an ldap server, etc.

5. You do not have to pipe mail to a perl program. On heavy systems, with large bursts of mail, this can easily bring a system to a crashing halt.

Feature for feature, I do think Alias-Mail has more features for the user and the admin then Gossamer Mail, and trying the demo, it does look nice.

However, what I like best about Gossamer Mail is how it's been designed. The fundamentals are very solid and can handle a lot of mail and users. We are now in the adding features faze of things. =)

Hope that helps,


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