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Problem with upgrading

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Problem with upgrading
It just hasn't been my night tonight. I tried to upgrade my version from 5 to 6 which went well. I then tried to login to my admin and got this:

Error: GT::Template (5975): Unable to open template file '/home/****/www/cgi-bin/data/admin/templates/compiled/home.html.compiled.print'. Reason: Permission denied at /home/****/www/cgi-bin/admin/GMail/Admin.pm line 58.

I've been getting tons of error messages such as Could not unlink or Can't create lock file among many since my original installation, but the program worked, so I dealt with it, or didn't deal with it however you want to look at it!

Is this a problem that can be easily repaired or do I need to start from scratch? If so, can I keep the existing database?

Thanks for any help that can be given,

Perl Hopefull

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stilton: Feb 27, 2002, 5:54 PM
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You can easily fix this by correcting the permissions of the files and directories in the templates directories.

The files and directories in /home/****/www/cgi-bin/data/admin/templates requires sufficient permissions for the webserver to read and write to the files. The easiest way (not the most secure) way to do this is (on a *nix system):
cd /home/****/www/cgi-bin/data/admin
chmod -R 777 templates

You might also need to do the same with the user templates (ie. /home/****/www/cgi-bin/data/templates)