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Problem with GT and W3T Integration

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Problem with GT and W3T Integration

I have W3T 5.4 and GT 2.02 versions. I have installed and
integrated these two products in a breeze. I was able to
login to Forums and navigate to GT Mail a while back. While
managing GTMail admin screens, I am not sure what was
changed, now I am running into problem.

I sign-up as a new user in W3T and click on 'webmail.cgi'
to check my mail. I get the sign-up sheet from GTMail as
expected. I enter the information and click on "Next" and
it takes me back to the same sign-up sheet and says:

That login is reserved. Please choose another.

I am unble to go further. And the users table in GTMail
is not populated with this new user either. I am not sure
how to debug this problem. Any help is very much
appreciated. Thank you.


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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to
Hello Srinivas!


Obviously it will function differently after you install the W3t plug-in.

The users are then all inserted into W3t tables and then it has less to do with GT tables. It simply works with the W3t interface and guides the uesrs there. It however does not duplicate the users into two tables for logical reasons.

I however would have prefered the option for the admin, if it was possible to click somewhere and say, to insert two users in two tables or only one. This is not a well thought suggestion from me, I know. May be it is already a possiblity to import the user data, easily into the Gmail, which I doubt.

So the user data that you are looking for is in the tables of W3t_Users >>>> U_Username.

However, I may be wrong and have not understood your problem.

Question. Did you un-install any plug-in?

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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to

There was a bug in 2.0.2 that reserved names were too greedy. So if you reserved 'webmaster' then anything with webmaster anywhere in it was reserved.

You should really upgrade to the latest version, especially if you haven't had us apply the security fix.



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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to
Hello Alex!

There is a bug somewhere there and it would be interesting if what I faced, someone else would have similar problem.

Srinivas, did you un-install the plug-in and then have problems?

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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to

Yes, my understanding is the same as well. What I do not understand is why does it is saying that every user is reserved on the initial welcome screen that is migrating the users to GTMail (from W3T).

Even though the User tables are maintained on W3T, it is my understanding that there are user options specific to GTMail that are maintained on GTMail tables. These tables are modified from this welcome screen, I think. This may be the place where GTMail is thinking that all the users are reserved and not allowed in GTMail (but are allowed from W3T anyway).

This screen worked initially and we have about 10 users in the GTMail that are able to access their email, no problem. But recently this problem showed up and I am trying to figure out the cause (mostly some option change in the Admin panel).


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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to
Hi Alex

THank you for the response. Okay, I will try upgrading the GTMail 2.02 to 2.04. I spent some time looking around to find a way to upgrade this, but was unsuccessful. How do I upgrade the GTMail. Is there an option in Admin Panel that will allow me to do? Or do I need to download the new one and install over the previous version? Ofcourse, I will take a backup of the database before doing this. Thanks for any help.

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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to
Hello Srinivas!

It does not seem that you have a problem like I did earlier, in the area of install plug-in since you did not answer my question.

But then to upgrade is your best choice, however, as you may have noticed the drama that goes on in tracing the bug. Alex and Bugwash has worked togather and found it out that would delete the users if you use Purge users function.

You would want to wait tor a few days until a robust programming would come out. It may also be a few weeks. (Never ever beleive Alex when he says Tomorrows as his today starts next week!!!:))

When you purchased your copy and downloaded, you have got the details of the download with your assword for the login.

You can use the same information and get your latest copy. Installing and upgrading is now a matter of minites. You start the install.cgi via web and then it will ask you for the path of your admin and then it does everything. You need to specify if you wanna backup, a preffered option, during the updating.

However, I try to lag behind a few minor versions as the experience shows that there is always something missing or incorrect that needs to be updated and thats a pain. To update all the templates and all the thngs are a big headache.

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Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to

I have upgraded my forum to 2.0.4 and when I login
I get :

The page requested (w3t_sign_in.htm) is not found or invalid.

THis can't be good. Please help.

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SOLVED!!! Re: Problem with GT and W3T Integration In reply to
Okay, I found the problem :-)

When I upgraded from 2.02 to 2.04, the default template (which I am using) do not have the w3t_sign_in.htm (which is part of the W3T Plugin).

This seem to be a bug on the Upgrade part of the install script. Copying the w3t_sign_in.htm from the default.bak (thanks to this feature of upgrade) to the default directory did the trick and everything is working now.

My original problem is also fixed. All new users are able to access the mail as well. On the welcome screen I would prefer not to let the user change the "username" (instead of a textbox, leave it as a label). Other than that every thing is smooth. Thanks to the upgrade script that did the hard work
for me.