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Problem with AOL receiving mail?

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Problem with AOL receiving mail?
I got this from a member:

"Hi, Jason. I'm sorry to say that I still can't send messages from SeaSiren@example.com to AOL. I've been sending, and writing, and they are not ever delivered. These people are not blocking out any mail servers. I hate to bother you, as I know you're busy, but will this problem be resolved soon? Let me know when you get a chance, thank you, Linda"

The other week I had told her mail might take a day or so to turn up and to ensure the recipients had their spam filters set up properly, but she still seems to be having the same problems. What might be causing this?



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Re: Problem with AOL receiving mail? In reply to

We have been able to send to a couple AOL accounts locally. You are going to need to track down where AOL is bouncing the message to in order to see what's going wrong.



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