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Problem using sendmail, aliases, virtusers

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Problem using sendmail, aliases, virtusers
Ok, here is my setup:

in /etc/aliases:
admin: reallocal
webmaster: reallocal

# here I forward my email to an webmail address
reallocal: reallocal,localwebmail@mydomain.com

where reallocal is real local user for the mydomain.com

in /etc/mail/virtusers:
localwebmail@mydomain.com webmail

where webmail is an catch-all mail account for mysdomain.com

When I send a mail to localwebmail@mydomain.com everything is fine. Mail goes to my Inbox folder.
But when the mail is sent to webmaster@mydomain.com or even reallocal@mydomain.com, the sendmail sends email to reallocal and webmail mailboxes, but the email received in webmail mailbox is with header To: webmaster@mydomain.com and GMail can't assosiate this email to localwebmail@mydomain.com
I assume that GMail is working fine. And actually it is. But how to configure my sendmail to include real recipient address (in this case localwebmail@mydomain.com)?

I lost a day in guessing and I may give up. Ideas?

Basically what I need is to have an account in GMail which can collect emails sent to other email addresses (similar to aliasing in /etc/aliases).