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Preselecting a domain when logging in?

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Preselecting a domain when logging in?
I can use the following URL to prefill the username and domain fields (so users don't have to scroll to find their domain from a list), but it reports Auth Error. Is there any way to prefill without getting errors?


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Re: [wickedmoon] Preselecting a domain when logging in? In reply to
Without changing code, you can't prefil the Username or Password field without it giving auth errors, as it automatically attempts to authenticate if a username and/or password are provided.

You can easily add some code to the authentication module, so that if you have, say noauth=1, then it won't do the automatic authentication. In admin/GMail/Auth.pm around line 47:

# User is initially logging in.
if ($IN->param ('username') or $IN->param('password')) {
if (!$IN->param('username')) { return $self->error('AUTHERR_FAILED', 'WARN') }
if (!$IN->param('password')) { return $self->error('AUTHERR_FAILED', 'WARN') }
You can add:

if ($IN->param('noauth')) {
before it checks for username and password, so that it will just return if you have noauth=1. Then you should be able to use: