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Options>>Folders>>Delte Duplicate

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Options>>Folders>>Delte Duplicate

This is a question on the "Delete Duplicate" link in Folder management.

Sent the same message twice with the same subject.

Sent the same message again twice but with changed content (Sub being same).

So a Total Of Four Message with same Subject (2+2) but each set consisting of Two Duplicate Messages if message sub and text is to be considered.

Then tried to use the "Delete Duplicate". Nothing Happened to the messages in Inbox of the recepient.

Then tried to use the same in the Sent folder of Sender. The Duplicate Messages in the Sent Folder of the Sender was deleted.

I am confused.



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anup123: Jul 8, 2002, 2:41 PM
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Re: [anup123] Options>>Folders>>Delte Duplicate In reply to
I'll look into this.