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Open Relay Black List integration

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Open Relay Black List integration
Could GM be modified to use this Black List (http://www.orbl.org) like Bigfoot does to help prevent spam?


Beginning 7/2/2001, Bigfoot started blocking received email sent via mail servers listed on the Open Relay Black List (ORBL) list. ORBL is a list of mailservers that have been found to have security problems that permit spammers to steal the machine's resources to send spam. Most spam is sent via open relays, so Bigfoot instituted ORBL filtering to further protect its customers from the spam plague.

ORBL filtering is currently blocking over a billion spam messages a year from reaching our users' email. Handling this volume of mail depletes our resources and accrues enormous costs. However, we understand that many users may not want to have ORBL filtering active. That's why Bigfoot's Premium users have the option of turning off ORBL filtering. You can upgrade an existing Bigfoot account to the Premium level by logging into your Bigfoot account, then clicking on the icon for any service other than Forwarding. You will be taken to a secure page where you may then provide your billing information.

If a mailserver is on the ORBL the only way it can be removed is when the administrator of that server has fixed the relaying problem and demonstrated compliance to ORBL. Bigfoot cannot remove a mailserver from the ORBL listing, nor can we intercede on behalf of the mailserver's administrator to have offending servers removed from ORBL. If email sent to you bounced back to the sender with the message "554 Access Denied from IP. See http://www.orbl.org for more information," this means that you are not receiving mail from certain domains through your Bigfoot address because these domains are listed with ORBL, THEY have to comply with ORBL regulations if they wish to be removed from their list.

If you are a sender to a Bigfoot address who received this message, please contact the administrators of the sending mailserver and urge them to fix the problem. Specific information is available at http://www.orbl.org.




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