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Online Demo Now Available!

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Online Demo Now Available!

The online demo of Gossamer Mail is now ready. It took a little longer then expected as we put a lot of Javascript into these templates to make the interface work as smoothly as possible. You can try out the admin area at:


and use username 'admin' password 'admin'.

You can try our full featured templates using frames and javascript at:


and log in as user 'guest1' password 'guest1'. You can email this user by sending a message at:


There are also guest2, guest3, guest4, guest5 accounts as well! We also have a simpler set of templates that you can see at:


Also in the works is a a set of templates without frames, plus a WAP set of templates (will work on your cell phone!)

If you have any questions, please start a new thread. =)



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Totally cool!

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Gotta tell ya, it looks great! Not that I'd expect anything less from you....



Installation support is provided via ICQ at UIN# 53788453. I will only respond on that number.