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On Mouse Over ....

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On Mouse Over ....

Getting to see upto 500 characters of mail is fine except for following which I feel needs attention (checked with IE 6):

The time duration for which the pop up is live isn't sufficient to really read the 500 characters (stays there may be for 6 or 7 secs).

When the first 500 characters are set in options and a mail has more than 500 characters then at 800X600 resolution, the pop up keeps on flickering. Something to do with the size of the pop up. When it doesn't find space to fit in (vertical) the the flickering starts. So the size of the pop up wrt the size of the screen available for display has something to do with this behaviour.

The flickering does not happen at higher resolutions. But all the users may not be on to high resolution (higher than 800X600).

Hope I have expressed myself clearly.

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