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Message Threading...In different folders.

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Message Threading...In different folders.

I am picking this topic up again (i had discussed during the initial stages). The inbox has threading displayed irrespective of whether or not the message root and the related messages are in the same folder or not. Why can't this be there with other folders also? for example with threading in sent folder turned on, the pre condition is that the root and the related messages has to be in the same folder.... Also, with Threading Turned On in Sent Folder with 122 messages, the list shrinks to 49 (though count against folder shows 122) and none of the messages show any sub thread even after clicking "Expand All" button. This always leads to confusion....

In fact 23rd Jul 2002 Alex had mentioned :

As for threaded mode, this is an issue that we are looking at changing based on user feedback. Basically, if all the messages for a thread are not in the same folder, the threaded list does not work properly. This happens because in threaded mode, when you view a folder, it shows you a list of root threads. However if you break up that thread, then it breaks threaded mode.


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