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Mail piping

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Mail piping
Just curious to know how the users e-mail is piped? Does it go through the sendmail, .procforward, .forward or how? The reason I ask is to see how it can be set up on a virtual server...

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I can't answer that for the POP option, but on the virtual option, the mail is not really forwarded. It's entered into the database, and the users log on through the database. Authentication and sessions are handled by the mail program, and matching entries are pulled from the database.

This is why you need a default catch all account. Once the "undeliverable" (to any assigned user) mail is sent to the catch all account, the mail program takes it, and "distributes" it.

In the virtual option, it's all database stuff.

On the POP option, I'm not sure. But from what Alex indicated in a previous post, it works the same way, except the program looks for "real" users on the system, and fetches the mail, rather than actually handling and delivering it.
A user logs into the program, the mail program sees it's in POP mode, and goes to get the users mail. It enters it into the database, and presents it to the user. (This is similar to the Hotmail option of consolidating your various POP mailboxes around the net.)

The real key here is the ability to set up the catch-all mail account if you are anticipating making this available to the public. If you just want to convert your own mail to a web-based interface rather than POP (Eudora/MSO/Netscape) interface, you can use the POP option, and not worry about the catch-all account, since the program just acts as an interface between your browser and the real POP account.