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Mail Questions

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Mail Questions
Hi Alex,

I think I'm interested in using your mail system for one of my sites... I have a few questions:

How many registered users has this program been tested with? How many concurrent logins? Is there any noticable slowdown with a large amount of traffic?

Can you suggest a good ISP for hosing? How long will it take for you to set everything up?

Can I modify the look of the program to match my site exactly (can I change the html myself)? That was one of the nice features of Links - the easy customization.. Can this do the same?

Thanks for your time.


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The program came out of a custom job that had more then 70,000 users on it. That sort of volume does require a dedicated server though. We don't have a large user base yet, so it's difficult to judge the performance. We are very confident in the program and what it can do. There are no built in limits, it all depends on server performance.

As for hosting, we don't have anyone to recommend yet, but do plan on setting up a hosted solution for it.

As for the look, yes, that's the strongest feature in our opinion. There are about 15-20 html templates that control the entire look of the program. Also, there is a language file that has all the displayed language in the program. It would be very easy to setup a different language, or to integrate it into an existing site. It's an enhanced version of what you see in Links SQL.



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