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MX Records and CGI Server Errors

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MX Records and CGI Server Errors
Oops, I posted this in the general forum instead of this one... I apologize for the duplicate post. Though slightly off-topic, it is mail-related and may indicate a problem we may have in moving to GT Mail.

We currently outsource our Webmail to EMU Mail (moving to GT soon). We just changed servers, and now have a problem: all scripts that are supposed to send mail to any address within our domain yields a server error (the scripts work fine when trying to send mail outside of the domain). I think what happens is is that sendmail, when called from outside the domain, will check with the MX record on the domain, thus going to EMU Mail as we have it specified. When used internally for an internal address, it is always
going to think it can process it without having to check with the records. What I think I need to do is make it think that my domain is an outside domain, thus hopefully checking the MX record for that domain. Does this make sense to anoyne? On another server, I would edit sendmail.cw and take out my domain from the config, thereby making it think my domain is an outside one, and thus checking the MX; but on Cobalt (RAQ4), we don't have that file. Any ideas?