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Login / Payment / Purge Question?

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Login / Payment / Purge Question?
just got a question about the following scenario...

- user signs up for a free account
- account expires
- user logs in, gets presented with the pay page but never pays to upgrade. They cancel, then log in again in another 3 months and does the same thing... doesn't pay, attempts to log in in another 3 months etc etc.
- now i want to purge all the all the accounts that haven't be "used" in the last 3 months.

problem is this users account, which expired 4 years ago and hasn't actually been "used" since 2000, has a last login date of only 2 days ago.

or does the purge use a different date?

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Re: [ryel01] Login / Payment / Purge Question? In reply to
Well, technically, you probably wouldn't want to delete their account, as they'll be able to signup again for a free account with their old username.

Depending on how many users you have to delete, you might want to try the normal Search and Delete. You could also write a custom script to purge based on certain parameters.