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List All users
I'll be surprised if this hasn't come up before, but I can't find it...

I installed GMail 2.06 a few days ago and now when I am in Admin->Users and click "List All" I get an empty search page with the message that I must specify at least one search term.

So then I specify a search term, find a user and click "Delete", it asked me to confirm that I want to delete "Unknown Tag: 'user'". I do want to delete the user, but I didn't because who knows what would really get deleted with that unknown tag in there.

Anybody else seen this?

Michael Coyne
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Re: [mcoyne] List All users In reply to

We updated the List All problem on the site. The delete is only if you click on the delete link in the search results. If you click modify and then delete, or if you hit search and then delete it works.

To fix, just edit data/admin/templates/user_nav.html and user_confirm.html and replace:

users.user with users.email.

Sorry about that!


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Re: [Alex] List All users In reply to
Same thing happens when trying to mass mail all users, "You must specify at least one search term." error appears.
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Re: [vic] List All users In reply to
that would probably be the same change shown above but also in email_nav.html... just found this bug myself and did a grep on all the templates to make sure there weren't any others that were missed.

actually, another thought here... the list all results could use some work on the formatting... right now getting all that data back for each user is kinda unwieldly... would be nicer to get a list of users with just some basic info on each (ie, email address, name, date signed up) and then links to things like view details, edit delete, validate with each user on one row.. it looks like you started it because you have column headings for userid, username, password and action, but no checkboxes for actions and way too much info on each... just a thought.

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