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Light httpd -- backend mod_perl -- Gossammer Mail

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Light httpd -- backend mod_perl -- Gossammer Mail
Trying plain front end httpd and backend mod_perl httpd combination.

Installed backed mod_perl httpd (httpd_perl) listening on port 82.
Installed mod_proxy as DSO in frontend httpd.
Commented out mod_perl stuff in frontend httpd.
Included ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse directives in frontend like this:

ProxyPass /cgi-bin/gmail/ http://mysite.com:82/cgi-bin/gmail/
ProxyPassReverse /cgi-bin/gmail/ http://mysite.com:82/cgi-bin/gmail/

Stopped and Started frontend and backend httpd's.
Checked Gossamer Mail Access from port 82 ... everything works fine.

Access of Gossamer Mail from frontend however has following problems:
  • All stylesheet is gone. The pages which are served have no stylesheet of Gossamer Mail. The same is fine if accessed on port 82.
  • Any url which ends in do= or cgi or cgi?t=template does not work ... 404 error (for example webmail.cgi?sid=;t=nessa The logs show error of the type proxy http://mysite.com/...ail.cgi?sid=;t=nessa does not exist.
  • All url's like webmail.cgi?sid=;t=nessa;page=page.htm work but without style sheet. (ie all ur;ls ending with page=pagename.htm work but without stylesheet of Gossamer Mail)
  • Admin side always says that the Admin Directory is not protected though it is...

Same with other GT Applications also.
The Admin shows mod_perl enabled when accessed from front end also. There are no errors which come up in Admin side. All Pages are accessed fine from front-end).

Any suggestions on how to get it going?


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HyperTherm: Sep 4, 2004, 12:24 AM
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Re: [HyperTherm] Light httpd -- backend mod_perl -- Gossammer Mail In reply to
Hmm. Seems like i couldn't get the problem stated explicitly.
Front End Back_End_modperl httpd gives following problems with respect to having GT applications run:

Gossamer mail
  • Admin directory becomes unprotected. Cannot protect it.
  • login.cgi, webmail.cgi works fine but login.cgi?s=; or webmail.cgi?s=;t=nessa gives a proxy 404 error
  • All css is gone (gossamer mail) so i get ugly looking page.

Same with LSQL:
  • Admin becomes unprotected
  • user.cgi, page.cgi, subscribe.cgi works fine
  • page.cgi?d=1 gives 404 error same true with rate.cgi?ID=xxxx rate.cgi?ID=xxxx

Same With Gossamer Forum:
  • Admin becomes unprotected
  • gforum.cgi works fine
  • gforum?anything fails with 404 proxy error

Admin also shows the Backend Server Software details always in Environment.
SERVER_SOFTWARE => Apache/1.3.31 (Unix) mod_perl/1.29

Admin shows that it's running under mod_perl.

Perl Version: 5.008001

Running under mod_perl: Yes (version 1.29)
Running under SpeedyCGI: No

Any suggestions ?


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Re: [HyperTherm] Light httpd -- backend mod_perl -- Gossammer Mail In reply to

All problems except the following sorted out:

Any url with a query string (which needs to be served by back end httod) gets the following error logged in front end logs (with nothing in back end logs):

File not found proxy:http://mysite.com:82/perl/gmail/webmail.cgi?sid=;.....

URL's Without query string are all working fine with appropriate logs in front and back end httpd.

It doesn't look to be a mod_perl issue, maybe i could be wrong, it's something to do with mod_proxy? Still going on my own :)

Any clue?

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Re: [HyperTherm] Light httpd -- backend mod_perl -- Gossammer Mail In reply to
It's done at last.
Got it working.
Not a mod_perl issue.
For those who would be willing to go on their own and not give up due to sheer frustration of groping in the dark, here is the key:

mod_proxy and mod_gzip wouldn't work together. No amount of googling did help us so iterative technique of having a go (a painful process) lead to the solution.

It worked.
So remove mod_gzip from front-end and hook it up in back-end.
Easier than learning Voodoo :-)

As a sidenote, those who are with mod_gzip, a change in templates could also reduce the content served (as per logs by about 3k per request), also making the page download faster. Nothing to do with front end mod_perl back-end but just struck while going through the pain of having got it done... Hint ... css :-)

All is well that ends well :-)