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Keep Message Feature Of Forum

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Keep Message Feature Of Forum
Perhaps this comes more from the Forum Feature of "Keep Messages" .
Is a similar thing in process for gossamer-mail with following utility in mind:

The user could Flag important messages.
If Admin Side Message Delete/ Cleanup action is being performed, the such messages are not deleted on the "Search Criteria" that Admin is using for "General" cleanup action [unless of course it is user delete action by Admin]

To Quote An Example: Say a message is Flagged as ****SPAM**** and marked accordingly in Subject line.

Admin decides Cleanup action with prior intimation to users that any such flagged message which are required to be "Ignored" by the Delete Action, should be Flagged as "Keep Message" or whatever Terminology suits the Program...

All such flagged messages remian unaffected by Admin Delete action. There should be no such option in Trash Folder....


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HyperTherm: Aug 25, 2004, 1:41 AM