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Join Fields validation -gmail

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Join Fields validation -gmail
Hello staff et. all:
Could somebody please help with this: How can I best validate my join/signup fields?

1) I`m thinking about validating the fields using mysql regex to allow for easy future gmail updates.

2) Or go with perl but will have to always edit future gmail updates.

3) Or may have to use both.

I have been trying to valid say Last Name/Firt Name with the mysql regex [[:alpha:]] which works sometimes and don't at other times. Maybe I have to refresh/resyn, etc ?

Thank you, peter
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Re: [pyc] Join Fields validation -gmail In reply to
Why not use the built-in perl regex validation that GT uses in their GT::SQL modules? Click on Database->Demographics in the menus. From there, click on the demographic column name that you want validation on and add your own perl regex (less the /'s) int he Form Regex field.

dgraph_first_name would use something like ^\w+$


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Chaz: Sep 16, 2003, 6:56 PM
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Re: [Chaz] Join Fields validation -gmail In reply to
Hello Chaz:
I read gt again. You are right, its th
e best way to go. So thats just what I`m doing now. Thank you, peter