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Isn't This Not Desired In GM2.1

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Isn't This Not Desired In GM2.1

Suppose a column is added in dgraph tabe dgraph_x1 and is defined to be unique.

A user signs up and account is active.

Now a second user tries to signup using the same value of dgraph_x1.

The data insertion error is displayed. However, on seeing the tables following is observed:

dgraph table has no entry for the second case --- FINE

user table however, has a entry for the second case. Now if the Validated option is selected to be validated, then there will be a case where there is no demographics data for a user who can login and use the mail service. In this case if email option is set as password recovery method then where actually does the password go???

Is this a BUG?

Shouldn't the error handling before data commit also take notice of any DB errors which can occur for a case such as above?


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