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Is this a bug in v2.1.0

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Is this a bug in v2.1.0

From the user side click on Options then Auto-Reply,don't add any thing there,just click on HTML Mode and wait for the page till it's done then click the Text Mode button and you will see in the message field the following:


<META NAME="GENERATOR" Content="Gossamer Threads HTML Editor - http://gossamer-threads.com">


If this is not a bug from where can I remove it?

I have been looking for the past 4 hours and could not find from where to remove it.

Thank you,
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Re: [nas9] Is this a bug in v2.1.0 In reply to

yes it does happen. But the point is that you change to any other screen (menu) and then come back to Auto reply and it is gone. But yes thsi may give problem when Ar is saved in HTML mode and then you see the txt mode you find all those html stuff there.

The same does not happen when the AR is saved as Text and then you move off the screen. Probably when uit goes as txt mode then GM takes care of that. Adrian would throw some light on this perhaps.
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Re: [nas9] Is this a bug in v2.1.0 In reply to
It does this because the it's converting from HTML to text. The page is blank, but there's also that other HTML (<head> and such) that's not visible when you're in HTML mode. I'll look into it and see if we can do anything about it.