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Is it possible to offer free and paid accounts?

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Is it possible to offer free and paid accounts?

I'm sure i read it somewhere in here...

I'm wondering if it's possible to offer a free webmail account, and also paid ones.

Reason. I have a current install of GM which has free accounts being used. The paid version of GM came out, and now I want to offer "upgrades" to those accounts which the current user base can pay for.

If they don't pay, their account stays free. If they pay for 1 years upgrade and then don't pay again, I want their membership to drop back down to the free account with limited features. So the free account is always there, but there is an incentive to 'upgrade' for more features.


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ryel01: Jul 21, 2004, 10:37 PM
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You'd have to do some extra work do make that happen (which, now that I think about it, may make it into the next release). When you upgrade, existing users will be defaulted to 'Lifetime' accounts. The way the templates are setup, they won't be able to make any payments to their account, but they should be able to with a small template change.

When their accounts expire, they will be given the option to renew their account. However, currently, users cannot change their accounts to free accounts, but I'm thinking about changing this for the next release. The reason we don't allow changing accounts to free accounts is because time limited free accounts shouldn't be allowed to be renewed to another free account. The change will make it possible to downgrade to a free account if you have a lifetime free account setup.