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Intergrate G-Mail into Links SQL

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Intergrate G-Mail into Links SQL
Hello Alex!

I am having problems in integrating G-Mail 1.1.6 into Links SQL 2.0beta4. Could you please be kind to give step up instructions.

A big problem is Username, Password and Email. There is no way to inform G-mail that LinksSQL_Users is the table also for Demographics.

Nor does it make sense to have seperate Demographics. This could result into problems during import-exports and related names. I would prefer one User + Demographics as one table.

Although the installation setup does ask for it, it has problems in creating keys, INDEX, additional fields into an existing table.

Ideal would be to have:
- Same defs configurations for Links SQL and GMail regarding Users. This relates especially to Key, INdex, Unique, db_key, etc and also other scripts and modules.