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Individual POP3 accounts

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Individual POP3 accounts
There is 1 feature i would really like for gossamer mail:

Basically, i have a large exising member base i want to offer free email to. However i also plan of having a subscriber system where people pay some nominal fee.

One of the features i want is a POP3 account. I will set these accounts up manually.

But i would really like it if the people could still collect their email using the same interface, so they wouldn't actually notice the difference.

Is this sort of thing going to be possible?

1 way i can see of doing it is:

1. Add another field in userbase for "pop3 account override"
if this is set (manually by the admin) then when that individual user logs into the email program, the scripts runs over the the pop account and downloads all the emails into the system.
2. The user then sends emails etc exactly the same way as before, deletes them from webmail exactly the same way.

This would be easiest way. There is a problem in that the real POP3 account will not be kept inline with the webmail. The user could set it up to "delete emails upon download to webmail" or "keep emails upon download to webmail" but could not selectivly delete the emails in webmail and have the corresponding action occur in the pop3 account.

Still, this system would i believe be possible would it not? perhaps even a plugin could be made to do it.

The alternative option it to build an extra "layer" which makes the webmail system acts as a pop3 reader type system. This would be better in the pop3 accounts would always be "in line" with the current webmail emails.


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