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Incoming.pl problems!

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Incoming.pl problems!
Hello Adrian!

Problem again.

I found out that incoming.pl inserts messages information in the mysql database like headers through queires of userID and email address, etc.

However, it does not delete the message in the inbox after the operation is complete. Hence what has happened in my case is that it has inserted 34 messages of the same email as it did run 34 times! However, it got killed in between 34 times and if it would be run again it would insert the same message in there. All the mail boxes are having multiple messages.

I found this out by two methods. One directly, by checking how many messages where in the incoming domain email box, lets say 3207 number of messages where in the main email box that needed to be sorted.

Running incoming.pl it would insert lets say 500 messages and it would have some connection problems and get killed. So the headers of 500 messages would be inserted and those messages would still be in there without getting deleted. However, the number of the total incoming statistics increases by 500!!!

The next time it would do the same. So it would get into loops without getting or deleting the inserted messages.

Any solution to this problem where it would delete the inserted messages.

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