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Import mgs from V1 to V2?

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Import mgs from V1 to V2?
Is there a way that I could import the folders and messages form GM1 to GM2?
I tried the upgrade script but it didn't work for me. I ended up doing a complete install and everything is working fine now. Including not being able to get passed the reg code screen though that option was not selected.
The original V1 messages, folders, users etc are still in the DB, but I was hoping that they could be imported into the new tables that were created? But don't want to touch anything yet..



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Re: Import mgs from V1 to V2? In reply to

You should be able to use batch/tools/1x_upgrade.pl script to do the conversion. If you are having problems, send me an email with access info (ssh/telnet) and I'll take a look.



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