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If anyone can help me....

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If anyone can help me....

Tested Sending SMS Thru GM. Have details of major cellular networks In India. For example SMS to

xxxxxxxxxx@tld was delivered to the designated cell phone. I have similar test results for 32 network operators.

Now the problem:

Each of the first four digits of the mobile number maps to a definite '@tld'.

So while sending 'SMS' what i would want is that the user just puts in the cell number and the @tld is automatically taken (as a hidden field perhaps) and the user would not need to bother what the '@tld' is. basically cellnumber@tld would form the email address in GM.

Can someone help me on this if it is not a big job.....I am unware as programming skills are just not there.

The other part of message length counter etc can be done....

And Then if above is done, comes the second part:

Ability to set up some sort of filtering so that the GM User can get Alert On "Important Mails" which are landing in the account. Some mechanism to set filtering rules for just a Alert Message on Mobile (provided the carrier is listed within the available newtork data)

Thnx in advance....


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