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Gossamer Mail everywhere!

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Gossamer Mail everywhere!
Hello there!

Is`nt there a possibility to use a tag everywhere and then configure via web setup options in Admin what the Admin wants to be displayed instead of

Gossamer Mail

anything like

Company Mail

By not having this one has to go through hours of hunting where in the words "Gossamer Mail" are in there. This is quite time comsuming and if one leaves some where its quite annoying. Moreover, no one hates this word but its fair to offer such an option as I fail to beleive that a liscensed user wants this everywhere.


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Re: Gossamer Mail everywhere! In reply to

The next set op teplates that are going to be done will be more Tag based like LinksSQL.
For now the change is very easy to do:

1) Telnet or ssh to your system.
2) cd to your template directory
3) type: perl -p -i -e 's/Gossamer Mail/Company Mail/g' *.htm *.html

This same command will work on NT with one change:
perl -p -i.bak -e 's/Gossamer Mail/Company Mail/g' *.htm *.html
But then you need to delete all the .bak files it will make.



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Re: Gossamer Mail everywhere! In reply to

I would very much appriciate that if this global tag is also inserted into all the eml and that it could be controlled from Admin by a click.

Otherwise its really a headache to change it manually everywhere, in the email templates.