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Global For Certain Table Columns.

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Global For Certain Table Columns.

Which table columns are used for displaying the threads for a message in threaded mode for a given folder. I would need a global for having the msgs_threads (and other related columns from other tables) table columns available as template tags so that the messages with a thread (in any folder) can be made to have a link in the msgs_list_include.htm template for the user to see just the complete thread just by clicking the link when it is there. I need the global for having table columns available as template tags (so that it can be used even in "Unthreaded Mode") and then construct a collapsible/expandable tree of the thread just on Subject of the message. Basically i would want to get over this "Folder Restricted" threading and if the relevant table columns could be made available as template tags in unthreaded mode also.

Help needed on this.



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