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Global Addressbook Entry Wiped Off

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Global Addressbook Entry Wiped Off
I really did not follow the sequence of events which lead to this. But the following things were done before the Global Address Book entry was no more there. Please note that none of the users deleted had the "Global Address Book" as Yes.

Had to remove one domain from GM.
So deleted all the users first.
Then deleted the domain from the setup.
Then consistency.pl was run (after disabling the site) to fix the discrepancies.
The discrepancy was there wrt user->dgraph table and also messages on disk and not in database, because of which consistency.pl --fix was run

The Global AddressBook entry was no more there (there were four entries earlier). This may not be a serious thing to happen but what caused it is also not clear to me.

Is this a Bug? (I am on GM 2.0.0 -->2.2.0 upgrade)