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GM2.2RC1 Upgrade

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GM2.2RC1 Upgrade

Over a test install of 2.1.1 (though my working install in 2.1.0), i did a upgrade and when try to login i got a series of error wrt Dumper.pm. From admin when i tried to login as user, i could login but the additional draft folder etc was missing. The starting error when trying to login from user side was

Bizarr array ....... Dumper.pm....

Then i did a clean install (though i would again attempt 2.1.1->2.2RC1 upgrade). Features of nested folders and addressbook group is good. I have a few suggestions and questions:

WRT nested folders features.

1. What happens if the eisting folders table already has a entry with custom folders created by the user. Does the fid of additional folders shift a value down to accommodate Drafts Folder.

2. Is it possible to have the option of expanding/collapsing the nested folder display (if the nesting is there), instead of having the nesting displayed always.

Also if the additional features are to be added by hand "selectively" one by one is it possible. Say if i would want to incorpotrate nested folders and then move on to next, is it possible?


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