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Forwarding trouble

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Forwarding trouble
Hi all,

I tried to setup forwarding from user part but that resulted in messages that were supposed to be forwarded, to just disappear, meaning:

No copy goes to forwarding address
No copy goes to original email address
No email shows up in undelirables
No email bounces back to sender

Has anyone else had this problem? I tried this with multiple accounts and got same result irrespective of whether email is to be forwarded to another GM account or to a completely different account e.g. a yahoo account.

Am I missing something here?

All help would be highly appreciated


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Re: [frankLo] Forwarding trouble In reply to

Do you have outgoing.pl setup to run automatically? To debug this, you should send a message to an account, run incoming.pl -v and you should see that message appear in the list of messages to be forwarded. The run outgoing.pl -v and it should send the forwarded message.


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