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Forward Emails

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Forward Emails
Under the Options command for the user there is a link for Mail Box Options. In the mail box options is a command to turn Email Forward on. My question is, can more than 1 email be specified in the blank?? Tried using this example : abc@email.com, abcd@email.com, abcde@email.com This option did not work.

abc@email.com; abcd@email.com; abcde@email.com did not work either....

Can this be done??
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Re: [pcmike] Forward Emails In reply to

No, it will only forward to a single address.


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Re: [Alex] Forward Emails In reply to

Just did some testing with GMail 2.2.0 on the forward email.. I entered 2 email address to be forward, and it seem to work. Going to try for more than 2. Do you know what the limit of characters are for entering email address??