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Filters and folders

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Filters and folders

1) Is there a way to sort folders alphabetically without affecting inbox, trash and sent (which of course should always remain on top)? Right now folders are listed by date they were created. At one point of time I was given a suggestion that lists these by name but that affects the Inbox,.. I can see from MySQL that folder_fid are 1, 2, and 3 for the 3 standard folders and so it seems we should be able to list folders with folders_fid > 3 alphabetically. Can someone please share the necessary hacks needed to do that?

2) With respect to advanced filters, these are executed by order entered and there is no way to change order of execution. Meaning, I need a way that allows users to move advanced filters up or down in priority. Is that possible? I actually tried to manyually change the filter_id of some of these filters thinking that would alter priority of execution but that unfortunately did not work. Any guidance in this regard? Either a hack or instructions on what I need to change in mysql to make that happen. Then I can write a small script to do that

3) I have a number of filters that I'd like to have as default with every new account created. Is it possible to incorporate these in incoming.pl instead of having them done on a one by one basis? These basically are filters for viruses that delete the mail from the server. So instead of having incoming.pl process these on a one to one basis, which for thousands of users would cause tremendous overhead, I believe having them implemented on admin level would be great. The problem is that at admin level, all we have is spanm filters and no advanced filters. Meaning I want global filters based on 'any header' or 'subject' not just email address. The email address block in most cases is useless as we all know by now since spammers rarely use a correct email address in from field. Can you please advise in that regard?