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Feature request - change font size

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Feature request - change font size
A user asks this:

"I would like to ask, however, if you can tell me any way to make the text larger. My eyes are not what they used to be (neither is any of the rest of me, unfortunately!), and I have a bit of a hard time reading the text - especially the incoming messages, which show on my screen as a fairly light blue which is more difficult to read anyway."

This is a WebTV user. I don't know if they can alter text size from their browser, but like GM has the option of changing rows/columns, perhaps an option could be added to make text small/medium/large?



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Re: Feature request - change font size In reply to

You know, we started down this route at the beginning with the "Layouts features", where you could set colours, fonts, etc per user (with exactly this reason in mind), but dumped it because it made the templates even more complex.

It isn't too hard to add in though (complexity wise), but would require updating all the fonts in your templates with a tag.



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