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Feature, questions..

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Feature, questions..
I have 2 questions on features...

If I want to increase the amount of information I pull from my
users such as age/phone/etc... how would I do this? Is there a tutorial on how
to do things like this?

Second, this is more of a concern than a question. When a user
signes up they are required to have a valid email address and it
makes them validate the email address.
Well, once they have an account they can go in and change
the email to whatever they want. Shouldn't it make them go
throught the validation again? Of course you could warn them, like.

"Updating your email address will remove your current password,
and send a new password to the new email address; are you sure you
want to do this?"

I don't know if anyone else has seen this, but I hope it helps.