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Fatal error message...

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Fatal error message...
Hi support

I was checking remote email, I deleted two messages and I got this error message.

"A fatal error has occured:

Can't call method "header_as_string" on an undefined value at /home/directory/public_html/cgi-bin/directory/admin/GMail/POP3/Manager.pm line 93.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details".

The messages that I selected were deleted but I would'nt want it to happen again.

Can you tell me how I can prevent it happening again in future.


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Re: [Stoosh] Fatal error message... In reply to
Can you replicate this problem? Looking at the code, it doesn't really make sense how it's happenning.

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Re: [brewt] Fatal error message... In reply to

Since I made this post I have not been able to replicate the problem, everything seems to be working O.K.

I'm on the verge of launching the email service. I'm just trying to get the issures that I am finding sorted out.

Thank you for your help Smile