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FastCGI installed?

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FastCGI installed?

I wanted to see how many people have FastCGI installed on thier sites which run GMAIL? We've ran into some slow downs with GMAIL and I've read where installing FastCGI can improve slow downs with CGI scripts like this.

I'd love to hear your replies and how many active users you have to give me an idea of how busy your GMAIL application is.

Alex, I'd also like to know what it would take to have you look at my FastCGI install to get it going. We've been working on getting this configured and its still not done.

We also look forward to better stats for GMAIL... ie. How many users logged in each day, how many emails sent/recieved each day, Avg Length of time logged in, etc, etc.

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Re: [cruise] FastCGI installed? In reply to

We don't currently support FastCGI as it requires changing the actual .cgi script (i.e. the same script can not work as is in normal cgi, and fastcgi modes).

Instead of using FastCGI, you can use SpeedyCGI which requires no changes to Apache, and is really easy to setup/install (just change the path to perl from /usr/bin/perl to /usr/bin/speedy in the scripts you want to speed up).

We also support mod_perl as well of course.


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