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EMU Mail VS GossamerMail

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EMU Mail VS GossamerMail
EMU Mail(http://www.emumail.com/) VS GossamerMAIL
Do u know which is the best best webmail system program?

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Re: EMU Mail VS GossamerMail In reply to
I used to have EMU mail....the problem with it was that it did not work well unless you had FastCGI installed...and for some reason FastCGI did not want to work with out FreeBSD server.

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Re: EMU Mail VS GossamerMail In reply to

I had a really quick look at EMU Mail, and I would be concerned about:

1. For regular CGI, on _every_ request, the program has to load 600k+ of perl code, plus decrypt all of it. This would add a lot of overhead. If you are using FastCGI or mod_perl this would go away, however this isn't an option on most [correction that should be non-dedicated] sites.

2. The script didn't compile for me under use strict, so I would be wary about running it under mod_perl (their readme says it may have problems).

3. No SQL support (it appears).

4. All source code is encrypted (I couldn't determine whether the purchased version includes source). Gossamer Mail includes full source code in readable, and more important, editable format. Editing the source code does not violate your license.

Hope that helps,


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