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Duplicating of messages...

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Duplicating of messages...

Something is strange going on with our GTMail 2.0.4
version. Some of the mails that are coming are being replicated multiple number of times. Multiple being not just two or three... but hundreds.. in the last few hours I have over 1600 mails in my inbox [:/] of which there are about 1550 mails that are duplicates of two emails... looks like when ever this problem happens it is creating about 750 messages of the same mail. Any one else that faced this problem? TiA.
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Re: [srinivas] Duplicating of messages... In reply to

This sounds like incoming.pl crashing when being ran. If incoming.pl crashes it will not
send QUIT to the POP server so no messages that were marked for deletion will get
deleted. Are you running in shared mode? Could you run incoming.pl in telnet with
-v flag for debugging see what is happening (be sure to take it out of cron before
you run it manually, some POP boxes lock the account when one connection is active).
If you are not running in shared mode, could you turn debug on in the admin and tail
your httpd error log when you check your email and see what is happening?



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